As of January 2016, Episcopal Appalachian Ministries has put the Small Grants Program on hold. We are NOT accepting any current applications at this time. This program is being evaluated and currently does not have the previous funding it was receiving from The Episcopal Church General Convention

Episcopal Appalachian Ministries offers small grants through funding made available from the Episcopal Church General Convention.  These grants are in place to help enable new or start-up ministries with the “seed money” needed in establishing a new ministry.  The money is granted for specific needs at the grass-roots level.

Size of Grants: Grants usually range in size from $500 to $2,000.


  • Grants are made to diocesan, parish, or community-based organizations that are within the Appalachian region or serve Appalachian people.
  • Organizations or individuals applying for grants must have a clear connection and/or relationship to the Episcopal Church.
  • These organizations must serve communities in the Appalachian region or urban Appalachian communities outside the region.


  • Appalachian Initiative Grants are intended to be used as seed money for ministries and organizations to seize opportunities of a one-time nature and project start-up costs.
  • Grants must be for a specific ministry, project or program.
  • Successful grant requests would typically be for purchasing specific items (e.g., computer equipment, building supplies, etc.)
  • Consideration will be given to projects that involve awarding “scholarships” to participants of programs if the money is being used specifically for those scholarships.
  • Requests for money to supplement or cover regular operating expenses such as salaries, will not be awarded.  Money for “matching grants” will not be awarded.
  • Successful applications will usually involve helping Appalachians address regional issues such as poverty, literacy, health care, unemployment, education, cultural affirmation, or the environment through direct service.

Application Process (new guidelines)

  • Applications must be submitted through the local diocese and be approved and endorsed by the bishop of the diocese. (The bishop of the diocese may appoint a committee for this process at his or her discretion)
  • Each diocese will prioritize the applications received to submit to the EAM Small Grants Selection Committee by the deadlines.
  • Each diocese will only be allowed to submit  no more than 2 applications for each grant period (spring and fall, 4 total for the year).

Application Deadlines: Applications will be accepted at any time.  The Grants Committee usually meets in April and November.  Usual project start times are July 1 or January 1.  Exceptions will be considered.  Applications for April are due March 31st.  Applications for November consideration are due October 31st.

Download Grant Applications Here:

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E-mail your proposal with the subject line, “grant application” to and mail a hard copy to:

The Rev. L. Gordon Brewer, Jr.
Episcopal Appalachian Ministries
1417 Warpath Dr. Suite B
Kingsport, TN  37664-3383

Fax: 888-395-1262