Mission Opportunities

One of the most transforming experiences that any person, regardless of age or gender, can participate in is some sort of mission trip or project. At the heart of Episcopal Appalachian Ministries’ mission, is to provide opportunities and resources to those seeking to do mission work in the Appalachian region. Whether it is doing home repairs for a family living in poverty, feeding the hungry or teaching children how to improve their reading skills, mission trips give people a way to help those in need in the name of Christ. And just as importantly mission trips to Appalachia give people the opportunity to be transformed by the experience.

Traditionally EAM has been, this has been and continues to be, involved directly with the EAM sponsored work camp at Grace House on the Mountain located in St. Paul, VA in the Diocese of Southwestern

Virginia. In 2010, the EAM board of governors was called to expand the work camp and mission sites into each of the Appalachian Dioceses.

What you will find here are resources and contact information for participating in or leading a mission trip to Appalachia:


reading camp2


Reading Camps

Grace House on the Mountain – St. Paul, Virginia – Diocese of Southwestern Virginia

Highland Education Project – McDowell County, West Virginia – Diocese of West Virginia

“Mission in the Mountains” – Prestonsburg, Kentucky – Diocese of Lexington

 St. Timothy’s Episcopal Outreach Center – Irvine, Kentucky – Diocese of Lexington

 Other mission sites in Appalachia