Work Camp at the Highland Educational Project

For more information about this mission site and registering for this work camp site, please contact, The Rev. Gordon Brewer at

The Highland Educational Project (HEP), located in McDowell County, West Virginia is an ecumenical outreach ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia.  Started as an educational ministry in January 1940, conditions in the area have since forced it to evolve into an outreach agency. HEP currently has summer work groups as part of a ‘Work-Learn-Share Program.’  The groups come every summer to do home repairs for area residents who cannot afford to hire contractors.  Some groups have been coming to HEP for over 35 years, and new groups are always welcome.

The contact information for HEP:

Highland Educational Project
PO Box 204
Welch, WV 24801
Phone: 304-436-2641
Fax: 304-436-2699
Director: Lori Osborne

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The medical releases and work camp covenant can be found here (*Must be completed by all work camp participants):  Word Format or  PDF Format

(** Please note- Participants must arrange participation in this work camp with the group leader or EAM.  Registering online does not guarantee a slot at the work camp**)