Work Camp at Mission in the Mountains

“Mission in the Mountains” at St. James’ Episcopal Church in Prestonsburg, Ky., provides support to our surrounding counties in the very heart of Appalachia. You would serve our community in any number of ways.  Your group may be included in a wide range of activities from repairing someone’s home to participating in the Food Pantry.  This a wonderful opportunity to experience God in the heart of Appalachia. You may spend your evenings reflecting on all that God has put before you that day or just take in the beautiful scenery while learning about the Appalachian culture.

For more information about EAM sponsored work camps and dates for “Mission in the Mountains” please contact The Rev. Gordon Brewer at

To Register for this mission site online click here.

Registration forms and consents in PDF format here.

(** Please note- Participants must arrange participation in this work camp with the group leader or EAM.  Registering online does not guarantee a slot at the work camp**)