How to Become an Advocate: Step by Step

Advocacy and You: A Lesson plan

This lesson plan was developed from the work of Episcopal Appalachian Ministries, and a resource entitled, “The Advocacy Process in Episcopal Appalachian Ministries” was heavily used.

As in all lesson plans, “Sessions” are relative, and lessons may be lengthened or shortened as time allows. Also, please edit and add to this document as you see fit, sending copies of change or altered information to EAM for inclusion into our own outline.

You may download the whole lesson as a PDF document here.


  1. What is advocacy and why are we called to do it?
  2. Handout: Ways to get Involved
  3. Choosing a focus
  4. Handout: Doing the Research
  5. Creating a plan
  6. Implementation
  7. Respectful Communication Guidelines
  8. Guidelines for Writing a Resolution